Commercial Helicopter Pilot Course CPL(H)


    Duration: From 18 to 24 months
      Price: To consult
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Act as pilot operations mandate that no commercial airborne transport sean como piloto y mando in the airborne transport operations at any Helicóptero certificated commercial pilot for one.

Course description

The Commercial helicopter pilot course CPL (H) differs from private pilot granting the capacity execute the profession like an helicopter professional pilot, stand also qualified for the passenger transport.

These courses are made under the EU regulations to the right for obtaining the commercial pilot license Helicopters CPL (H).

Course duration

The Commercial helicopter pilot course can last 18 to 24 months depending on the time spent by students and their availability.

Course structure

The applicant must complete 350 theoretical hours. During the course the following topics will be studied:

  • Airline legislation (Minimum, 25 theoretical hours)
  • General knowledge of aircraft (Minimum, 30 theoretical hours)
  • Flight planning and performance (Minimum, 25 theoretical hours)
  • Human factors (Minimum, 10 theoretical hours)
  • Meteorology (Minimum, 30 theoretical hours)
  • Navigation (Minimum, 55 theoretical hours)
  • Operational procedures (Minimum, 8 theoretical hours)
  • Principles of flights (Minimum, 20 theoretical hours)
  • Communications (Minimum, 10 theoretical hours)

* Rest of theoretical hours are completed with pre and post flight conferences.

In the flight phase, the applicant must carry out 135 hours of flight instruction, at a previously agreed time.


The applicant shall demonstrate a level of knowledge to overcome the subjects over a period of 12 months:
  • Air Law
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Performance and flight planning
  • Human Factors
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Operational
  • Principle flights
  • Communications

Requirements to complete the course

For the commercial helicopter pilot course you need:

Professional output of helicopter pilots in Spain

Get licensed commercial pilot helicopter is not unlike making a master or a university degree. Finishing the course you will accumulate experience (flight hours) to get high paying jobs.Typically, a few years working in companies of medium size helicopters later make the leap and work specialization helicopter pilot you like, either as a police helicopter pilot, as pilot of firefighters or rescue maritime pilot or passenger of large and luxurious helicopters.
As a pilot you have to be willing to travel (abroad if necessary) and the limits shall call you, because as in any job, if you want to go far, you have to be ambitious and do not stop train you (obtain qualifications and specialized courses).