Helipistas is a Spanish helicopter company duly authorized by the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA).

Founded in 1997, it is the result of the union of professionals from the world of aviation and the business world, with the intention of offering our services that live up to the expectations of our clients.

Helipistas has extensive experience in the aeronautical sector and its professionalism has been recognized by all its clients for almost 20 years of work.

Our union with the world of helicopters goes beyond the professional issue, being for us a passion and motivation to learn and improve day by day.

Helicopter pilot school

Helipists have more than a decade of experience training helicopter pilots and has continued to train many of them with specialization courses.

We have great professionals from the aeronautical sector with many years of experience as helicopter pilots. Thus, we guarantee the correct completion of the courses, whether they are introductory or with a high degree of specialization.


At the Helipistas helicopter pilot school we carry out different courses according to the needs of the student.

All our courses are adapted to the student's schedule to make their training much more comfortable.

Where we are?

Our base of operations is Teresa Vilà Heliport, located in the municipality of Ullastrell (Barcelona), but we operate from all AENA airports, covering the entire national territory.

To carry out different aerial work, we also have a wide variety of aerodromes and heliports spread throughout the territory from where some of our services are also carried out.