Flight instructor


Duration: Approximately 7 weeks
Price: To consult
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In it Flight instructor course You will be able to instruct PPL(H), CPL(H) and single-engine and single-pilot type ratings.

Course Description

He Flight instructor course It trains professional pilots so that they can teach with professionalism and maximum knowledge of the responsibility of training other pilots who are starting out in the aeronautical sector.

Course duration

Approximately 7 weeks (2 months).

Course structure

  • 120 hours of theoretical classes.
  • 25 hours of flight.
  • 5 hours of simulator.


The applicant must complete 2 hours of flight.

Requirements to take the course

The applicant must possess:

  • CPL License (H).
  • Class 1 medical certificate.
  • 20 hours of crossing as PIC.
  • 250 hours of flight as a helicopter pilot, of which 100 will be as PIC.
  • R22 rating.
  • Pass a pre-entry test.