helicopter pilot ratings

With more than 10 years of experience, Helipistas SL carries out helicopter pilot qualifications, that is, specialization courses, helping these professionals to become part of a group of people with very specific flight capabilities for each environment or situation.

The Helipistas SL instructors are great professionals from the world of aviation, with many years of experience as helicopter pilots and with a long history of training pilots. All courses are held at the private Helipistas SL heliport, located in Ullastrell (Barcelona), with helicopters from our own fleet, made up of more than 10 units.

Helicopter pilot qualifications are adapted to the needs of each student, and can be combined with work or studies.

Admission to private and commercial helicopter pilot courses can be immediate.


Night helicopter flight

Obtaining authorization VFRN helicopter night flight It is aimed at private helicopter pilots who want to have the opportunity to fly helicopters at night.

FI(H) helicopter flight instructor

He Flight instructor course It trains professional pilots so that they can teach with professionalism and maximum knowledge of the responsibility of training other pilots.

CRM for CPL(H)

Qualifies holders of a CPL(H) to exercise the powers of public passenger transportation.


Pilot single-engine helicopters with a maximum takeoff mass of 2,000 kg.


Helicopter mountain flight

With the mountain flight course The pilot will learn to move safely between the valleys and control the changing weather.

External charging by helicopter

The training in External charging It will allow you to transport materials by helicopter to areas that are difficult to access with absolute control of the load.